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The success of a business depends on its brand. Businesses with strong brands perform better. They communicate and connect with consumers through effective marketing strategies. Whether you are an executive, manager or marketer, keeping an eye on your brand’s image should be your priority. 

Why is it important to measure brands?

The top reason should be because brand research which compares your brand to other brands will give you a benchmark. Brand health tracking should be used as a compass for employees and management to enhance focus and strategic vision. This will distinguish you from your competitors. A strong brand helps consumers make sense of a complex world. By forming meaningful relationships with their favourite brands, customers become less price-sensitive and less likely to switch.

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Our solutions can help

brandr Index measures the health of your brand on a scale from 1 to 100. We display the results as presentation-friendly, colour-coded thermometers. It’s a marketing research tool that truly shows you where you stand with your brand. Our solutions measure your brand’s positioning. Brands that form strong and positive associations in the minds of consumers are more successful over time. They improve the bottom line by delivering greater profits to owners. We give our clients an insight into their brand’s strength along with the knowledge to make better strategic decisions. 

By using our brand research tools you will be able to:

  • See if marketing is efficient and increase ROI on marketing expenditure. 
  • See if and why your customers are happy with your product or service. 
  • See which areas of brand image have the strongest perception.
  • See if there is a gap between internal and external image. 
  • Set relevant goals and obtain more focused and engaged employees. 

brandr Index measures the extent to which your marketing activities reach your audience, with our comprehensive branding survey. The index has been specifically designed to measure consumer perceptions. We have identified and integrated several common themes into the brandr Index. The themes used in the brandr Index take into account factors that are relevant in guiding consumers’ purchasing decisions.

We have developed our solutions by testing multiple methods of brand value and brand equity analysis. It is founded in both academic branding theory and professional branding practice. The index indicates how your consumers perceive your brand and how the positioning of your brand measures up to other brands around the world. brandr Index discovers problem areas and highlights strong points. 

The data is gathered in the form of a survey, consisting of 30 questions. The responses indicate the consumer’s perception of your brand’s image. The result is an in-depth report that is user-friendly and easy to follow.

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As the head of research at brandr, Kristján is responsible for all of the research work done for brandr Index customers. Kristján follows the latest developments and trends in the insights industry to make sure brandr Index is meeting the needs of the market. Similarly, Kristján writes about things that are related to brands and research, how we can use insights to move to action that strengthens brands.

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